Q: Is consideration made in the 10‐year plan for refurbishing CES? 10-19

A: It would be difficult to assign a cost for CES refurbishment, since we do not yet know how it will be repurposed. We have taken into consideration the cost to maintain CES in an idle state. This has been estimated at $30K annually, which we have increased to $50K to remain conservative and to add a contingency. This cost includes
Heating                             $10,000
Electric                              $5,000
Water testing                     $2,800
Water system operator      $4,000
Alarm testing                    $2,125
Alarm monitoring              $2,000
Pest Control                      $875
Asbestos monitoring         $1,000
Fire pump inspection        $675
Emergency lighting           $1,25
Total                                 $29,725